About Us

Free Me is a London based, registered charity that provides free care to women striving to achieve and maintain recovery from eating disorders.

Founded in May 2013, Free Me started by offering jewellery making workshops and peer to peer support groups. Over the years the program has developed to include the following:

  • One on one and group therapy
  • Exposure therapy
    • Exposure therapy covers activities such as: food shopping, eating out and clothes shopping. These activities can often cause relapse, and our program offers the opportunity to experience the outing in a safe environment with an experienced therapist.
  • One on one and group sessions with a licensed nutritionist
    • This is an integral part of all eating disorder recovery, but unfortunately one many people miss out on due to the cost.
  • Jewellery making workshops
    • Jewellery making is both a powerful therapeutic activity and a wonderful way to build self-esteem. Learning a skill helps empower our clients and the meditative nature of using one's hands can greatly lessen anxiety and stress.
  • Access to The Work To Recover Program
    • Thanks to our partnership with the recruitment agency Sidekicks, we now offer places on the Work To Recover program, which are workshops designed to build confidence, hone interview skills, teach cv writing and place our graduates in part and full time work. Vocation has proved to be a key factor in maintaining a healthy recovery, and yet it is one of the hardest challenges.
We currently offer a two day a week program designed to give support to those who desperately need it, but perhaps can’t due to financial limitations or not meeting NHS treatment criteria. We also act as an aftercare program for those leaving inpatient care.
To learn more about our program, either for yourself or on behalf of a client, please email info@freeme.uk.com